My name is Kayla Uqdah. I am a visual artist with a strong love of ink and ideas, expressed through a multitude of visual outlets. I believe, much like the surrealists, that there is merit in the unconscious mind’s ability to produce images. This trust has led to me developing a process that begins with a black pen and no way to erase any markings. The idea is the driving force of each piece I create and each commission that I take on. I believe that art can teach you by showing you and the works I create aim to serve a greater purpose by speaking to a place deep within the viewer. My design aesthetic is clean and therefore  timeless; I believe that design should embolden your message rather than distract from it. I seek to emulate the persona of each individual, company or organization I work with through careful consideration of color, typography and symbology.

Born: Pittsburgh, PA 1991


Graduated: Columbia College Chicago BFA, 2015


Influences: Pablo Picasso, Salvador DalÍ, Jean-Michel Basquiat • 312-343-1904 •



 Through seamless design and brand strategy, we can help you grow relationships and trust with your community and supporters.

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