I walk around viewing reality and all of the subtext emanating from beneath the surface. Each home has a story, each person a soul, and each environment bleeds messages unbeknown to the average passerby. All to often, we move too fast, hardly taking anything but our own thoughts in.


My work is created in those moments of hyper-analytical observation. It is the changing of neighborhoods, the intentions of politicians, the depth of my own neuroses and the beauty of nature (both disturbed or undisturbed) that I love to illustrate. The space of the subtext is where I prefer to be, even with all of its daily discomforts.

Born: Pittsburgh, PA 1991


Graduated: Columbia College Chicago BFA, 2015


Influences: Pablo Picasso, Salvador DalÍ, Jean-Michel Basquiat


kayla@uqdah.life • 312-343-1904 • kayla.uqdah.life



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